Aldmeri Dominon

The Aldmeri Dominion was formed sometime between 2E 580 and 2E 582 by the Altmer (it can also be referred to as the 'brainchild' of Queen Ayrenn). They were afraid of the disaster that the younger races could bring to Nirn. After the news of the Imperial City being taken over by Molag Bal worshippers had reached Summerset Isle, the Altmer reached out to their old allies, neighboring races—Bosmer and Khajiit. As they had done many times before, they swore that with the combined forces of the three races, they shall prevent the disaster that was to come.

Convinced that the younger, less sophisticated races have dominated Tamriel too long, the Dominion seeks to right the course of history. The cultured and typically reclusive Altmer have emerged from their ancestral home of the Summerset Isles alongside the Bosmer of Valenwood and crafty Khajiit of Elsweyr to usher in a new era of peace and law.

The Dominion was formed in an attempt to take control of the Imperial City and restore Elven rule to Tamriel. It is said that the three allied races were the most intelligent, patient and rational in all of Tamriel. Members of the Aldmeri Dominion believe that the short-lived and young races of Men are unfit to rule, and that this role is meant by the Divines to be filled by the Aldmeri Dominion itself. The Aldmeri Dominion stretches over the provinces of the Summerset Isles, Valenwood and Elsweyr. Its capital is Elden Root, hidden deep within the forests of the Bosmeri Valenwood. The faction is led by Queen Ayrenn.

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The High Elves were one of the original settlers of Tamriel and created the common tongue used throughout the continent today. They consider themselves descended from the gods, and superior to all other mortals. Elegant and sophisticated, many Altmer, as they're known in the Summerset Isles, are naturally proficient with magic. They are apart of the Aldmeri Dominion.

Passive Racial Skills

  1. Highborn: Increases experience gain with the Destruction Staff Skill line by 15%. Increases your experience gained by 1%.
  2. Spellcharge: Increased Magicka Recovery by (3/6/9)%.
  3. Gift of Magnus: Increases Magicka by (4/8/10)%.
  4. Elemental Talent: Increases your Flame, Frost and Shock Damage by (2/3/4)%
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A proud feline race from the southern province of Elsweyr... Khajiit are agile, irreverent, quick-witted, and fiery, often changing mood in a heartbeat. They revere Nirn's two moons Masser and Secunda, and have a weakness for anything sweet.[2] The Khajiit are fearsome warriors, proficient with bladed weapons, and stand proudly at the forefront of every battle.

Passive Racial Skills

  1. Cutpurse: Increases the experience gain with the Medium Armor Skill line by 15%.
  2. Nimble: Inreases your Health Recovery by (5/10/20)% and Stamina Recovery by (3/6/10)%
  3. Stealthy: Reduces your detection radius in Stealth by (1/2/3)m. Increases damage done while in Stealth by (3/6/10)%
  4. Carnage: Increases Weapon Critical by 8%.
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Nimble and quick, the Wood Elves inhabit the thick, near-impenetrable forests of Valenwood, where they are known as Bosmer. They are supreme hunters, guides, and masters in sneaking and thievery, revering nature and the forest, and may be the only Elves with a sense of humor. The Wood Elves, or Bosmer, are mischievous, curious and nimble.

Passive Racial Skills

  1. Acrobat: Increases experience gain with the Bow Skill line by 15%. Decreases your fall damage taken by 10%.
  2. Y'ffre's Endurance: Increases Stamina Recovery by (7/14/21)%
  3. Resust Affliction: Increases your Max Stamina by (2/4/6)% and Poison and Disease Resistance (495/990/1485)
  4. Steatlhy: Reduces your detection radius in Stealth by (1/2/3). Increases damage done while in Stealth by (3/6/10)%